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This app is the big deal.
Organic growth on Instagram
We've been using the service for some time now. During our period we had to adjust our strategy but this was an important part of the success we reached. By having the right strategy we gained so many new customers and maybe more important part is that the engagement with our followers grew tremendously. We received great feedback from all the people. By having more global customers we adjusted our business strategy and focused us on a better customer service with those people. We used to operate local till that time. We really appreciate the app and can't wait for new features. Great to have this as a growing business.
Superior Method
This product works really well and helps to generate real followers and likes from those who are really interested in your profile, except for about 25% of your new followers who will unfollow you after 1-3 days, but that is typical in Instagram and not a reflection of the ap. I prefer this method of using a like bot to gain attention rather than following and unfollowing people which i think is kinda messed up
This helped me as a TV reporter
It's been really helpful in increasing my following to over 17k and getting comments from people. This truly works. It's great and would definitely recommend.
IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!
I was skeptical at first....we went from adding a few followers a day to minimum of 20 new ones daily!!! We have gotten new customers from all over the world!!! If you need this especially for business...get it!! You won't be disappointed!!!!
A good way to get followers naturally.
I like this way of gaining followers! I am a photographer and Likegrowers actually very naturally likes the pictures that I set them to like (hashtags, locations etc). Sure, you might just get likes back sometimes but some people REALLY appreciate the likes you give them enough to follow you and like all your pictures.

It's an absolutely fantastic deal for the price. I've gained around 50 followers in two days, 50 authentic followers that is. Very cool!
Great site great service!
Likegrowers is a fantastic tool to gain real followers. I've been using this now for around 12 weeks and i already got 1100 followers. Love the blacklist to avoid liking spam. Account targeting is simply great and gets me the best results so far.
Works fine
I've been using others for a time and have switched to Likegrowers for over a week now and the results have been great, had some trouble setting up my account but theres also a very good customer service. I'm good here!
Great job
I love the like-all-followers-of-an-instagram-account feature and also the location
Recommend this service for all people
A friend referred me to this website and I saw how fast he was gaining likes and followers. No I have found the best setup for my account and started to gain more. It's fun and easy to use. Every holiday I change the tags and meet new people on my destination! Great!
It's working
I can confirm this tool actually works, i get new likes and new followers every couple of minutes!
Simply amazing service!
I use this for my personal account. Set up the locations, the tags blacklist and got so many likes and comments on my account. Just great results! Every day that I wake up I receive so many likes and followers, EVERY day! The blacklist feature helps me to avoid liking certain pictures. This is really a great addition. Hope to see more, but I will stay using this service. Already gained 3000 followers 😀
Worth it
Really worth the investment!
Just want to say thank you!
You can't imagine how useful this is for us. We sell different small products and target local customers. With the "liking by location" feature we can target the exact people and the conversion is great. Our sales grow rapidly, so the invest we made ($50) was more than worth. We are now waiting for more features and see what the service can grow to. Just thank you for this! More than 5 stars!!!
Cheap prices, great results
Love the service. It's a little investment for your business. We used before other marketing tools but they all ask a lot of money, this one is really cheap. Business people will know this! The results are so great, we use this tool as a strategic part of our business. We love it and hope to continue using this in the future. Thanks!
No way this works!
I could not believe it either. Thanks for the great service!
not sure what to think, but it works
not sure what to thinkI have been using the service for just a few days now and I am not getting the results that I was expecting. Was I expecting too much from the basic plan? I am not sure. I am going to continue to watch the results and see what happens.
Young, but growing fast!
Great new features
$10? You cannot go wrong
Very simple service that works great. Likes and comments come in a little at a time
Not gonna lie
This is the best service for instagram users all over the world hands down! Thanks for starting it
If you want likes, you will get them
If you want likes, you will get them
LOVE IT, never looked back!
Hope for better experience
I bought the basic plan right away
Good experience
Dont try other services
This was the 3rd option that I tried and I am here to tell everyone that I liked this one the best. Such a smooth operation and very easy to use interface. Love it!
If you don''t get LIKES...
you might not get what you are expecting
Likegrowers? Perfect!
At first I was a little leery about how the entire process was going to go
Time for an upgrade
I am hoping the service gets a little upgrade before I use it next time. The results were ok
Great work on this service
Great work on this serviceI like this service. I think you came up with something that is needed and that many will want to use! For $10
keep it simple, right?
Very convenient
Surprised!I was surprised to see all of the good reviews since I have dealt with services like this before. I am going to add mine to a long list of 5''s. Thanks!
Funny good!
Its weird that this works, but it's great! Recommending this!
Hellava Big Deal
What a great idea
Not Sure
I did not like what I ended up with. Even though the basic plan is cheap
Friend was right!
Friend was right!I was sent here by a friend of mine and was told to try out the basic plan to see what I thought. I LOVE it. I am going to write a review on my social media blog and make sure my readers now about this!
Not what I expected
Even though the price is cheap for the basic plan
Great service!
Thanks for this service
Might give another try
At first I was skeptical about it
Good customer service!
Thanks so much for helping me through the issues that I had. So far I have not gotten all of what I purchased and it has been a few weeks.
Not what I expected....BETTER!
I cannot believe this system. For just $10 I am getting more like
Likegrowers is Key
IF you have a business online and get into the social media parts of it this is the tool that you need.
Hmmm, maybe I am not lucky
Didn't work for me
What a great service to buy
What a great service to buyPricing = Awesome for me Service = Great! Overall happiness = very high! Thanks again!
I was told it would be a great service
I am not happy right now
Never us another service
I do not plan to go to another service again! I have been burned by others
Instagram blew up!
this works so good my instagram app stopped sending me notifications 🙂 Or maybe it was just a glitch on my phone
So far, my clients LOVE this
I like the blacklist feature
My business loves instagram
I have been in business for more than 20 years and am still learning the ins and outs of the internet in terms of my business. Getting on instagram is great! Now this service? I have to learn how to handle this it is so much!
So cool
I love it
Got a good boost!
If you need a boost, TRY THIS!
Service = Great
Price = ok
tried, but not good
didn't spend much time
I don''t know..
about this service. I tried it
My account is FULL
Before using the basic plan. I really like it and it helps my accounts to improve in likes and followers!
Its jus so easy
Easy to use
Good to great
The service does work
Likegrowers for the win
I do usually write reviews
Great for the numbers
My accounts are loaded with likes
Cannot believe this works!
I am not even sure how I found this site
You want likes, you get likes...
Much likes
Recommended to many
If I had to recommend this program
not sure
about has been a while and I have not gone through my entire $10 order. gonna email support to see whats up.
automatically awesome
love to give this program a review! 5 stars all the way...sign up and be amazed!
Works great for business
Works great for businessI use this for my business account. Going through the process once per month is a great way to complement the organic like
Great service.
have to leave a review for a service THIS good! try it out
Wish service was better
I guess I went into this thinking the service was going to be a little better. I bought the $10 plan and started to see likes and such
You must try
this service is top notch. Thanks for the cheap plan
Wait A Minute...
...Do you think you can get this many likes without a service like this? I am gonna guess you are wrong! A++
service is good. i am impressed.
Not Sure Why
I didn''t think about a service like this sooner! Thanks so much
It is so good. the service is great. love the service! thank you.
Likegrowers Rocks!
You NEED to try out this service. If you were not sure it would work
Great system
If you need likes
My instagram account loves you!
I would NEVER be anywhere near where I am not without your service. Good support as well! Thanks!
its all about the LIKE
Instagram is about getting those likes and followers man. This service works great
Waiting for the new features
Can''t wait to see the new features. The better news is that everything will be available for all customers. Like that service,
One word: Great!
Thank you Likegrowers. This is good for my business profile. Greets
Great interface, good service
Business improving
Started few weeks ago and I have to say that my business is improving every day. Love to see all the nice stuff from people. Very helpful
Not Good.
I am not sure what it is exactly
Great support
Just want to say that the support is great. Thanks for helping
You cannot go wrong
this service does work
Awesome 🙂
Can''t wait to see the new features! Like this much
What a great service!
Love this service. it has been so easy to use! Thanks!
Not happy with support at all. My order was messed and even though they responded to my email
my support email came back to me like I sent it to the wrong place. why would that happen?
This service is so great! I offer it to my clients and they keep coming back for more. Since more people are going to Instagram than any other service right now
instagram is awesome
I love instagram and all of the people that I can share things with. This was an easy way to add to that list of people!
Purchased and LOVED the entire process
I have taken some money and put in into this service and my results are great!
Leary at first, but then BAM!
Leary at first, but then BAM!
Did you see that?
My like count went down at does that happen? My order was fulfilled
Great Service, Great Prices, Awesome!
Great Service, Great Prices, Awesome!
Super Duper
great service!
I liked it. I might order again
Works with more than 1
I use this for more than one account
Bought it, meh...
it was ok...
Totally awesome
there you go. a system that works and gets results
not this time
the system has worked for me before and I never left a review. after my second time
Great tool!
This is really nice guys
Likegrowers for the WIN!
Thanks for adding this service. I am going to bookmark the site and see how things go with my next package order. I have the basic one running right now and I must say that so far
Getting traffic could not have been easier
Just like another reviewer mentioned
It works.
great for instagram
Clients keep coming back for more
I have many clients that would like instant likes through their instagam accounts. I have most of them setup in the system and offer them a basic package and most of them have been coming back for more each month! Excellent service!
it work good
my system is good
not for me
I thought this service would be for me
Nailed it, totally
Nailed it, totally
Likegrowers is GREAT!
I never thought I would get his response from such an affordable service!
braved it and was awesome
I braved it based on the reviews we have here and i must say that it was awesome! Thanks!
Slow flowing Likes
Just the way it should be. The more likes you get at once
had to try
reviews are good and I think the service deserves them. however
Instagram likes? Look no further!
This service works perfectly and I mus say that the one that I was using before was such a mess
Check it out
it works great
its good, not great
works good!
Instagram Boost for the stars!
There is no reason you should not be using this service. You can like by tag
My Clients are happy ones!
If you are serving clients and would like to give their Instagram a little boost
thank you
it worked good. thanks
why not more?
how could i not use the service more? what a great thing!
perfect traffic generator
There are a lot of traffic generators online these days. very few of them actually work
you know its true
the service works good
i think it worked
I do not understand instagram that much. i think my order went through..
Recommended by a friend
I was on twitter when a friend of mine recommended this system. It works great! Thank you so much for this cool system!
Great, affordable instagram service
Great, affordable instagram service
Awesome Worldwide Service
This is going to get your instagram account blown up! You get access to worldwide servers
premium Instagram service
this service is so simple and is very effective at getting traffic through your Instagram account. One of the best that I have seen online in a while. For small businesses
Work Smarter, Not Harder!
This tools helps me so much. I can focus on my business now.
Multiple Account Support
I think one of the best features right now is the support for multi account support. I am going to use this for my business accounts! Looking at the upcoming features
Instagram is Awesome!
getting exposure through is not that easy through Instagram
Great delivery!
At first I was not too keen on the price
Great service
I really like this service. I have been trying to find a way to get more traffic from Instagram. This service works perfectly!
Best 10 bucks I ever spent!
The best 10 bucks I ever spent! Reliable service and flawless system
I’m very happy with it!
As a new blogger I’m still in the learning stage and wanted to get more followers for my instagram account so I signed up for this. I couldn’t believe how many new followers I got
Reliable program
I had trouble setting up my account and opened a support ticket and got an answer pretty quick. Reliable program and good customer service.
Great job!
I’ve been using this service for 3 months and the new pricing plan makes it even more attractive. The new features allows me to better target a potential customer
Amazing tool!
Amazing tool! The likes pile in and I get new followers every day. Being a bot I thought this could look spammy but it wasn’t the case.
Likegrowers is exactly what I wanted!
Likegrowers is exactly what I wanted! I’m no techie and I like that this is super easy to use. It’s pretty addictive seeing the likes and followers counter.
Minimal dashboard is super easy to use
I don’t like to overcomplicate things and the minimal dashboard is super easy to use
Great update!
Likegrowers automates the liking process and I just have to watch the followers count
This helped me get a lot of exposure and this was after just two weeks
Good tool!
Best feature? The fact that you can add as many accounts as you like. Good tool!
Love checking my account 😉
First thing in the morning I check my insta account and I love seeing so many new likes and followers
Set up your tags and your job is done
A friend recommended this but I didn’t expect it to work so smoothly and to be so automated. You basically set up your tags and your job is done
High quality tool!
High quality tool
Looks good!
As a wedding photographer you never have too many followers so I use this to go from 13k to 40 k – hopefully 🙂 I’m very satisfied both with the product and the customer service
I have a small bakery and my Instagram account wasn’t as popular as I wanted. The Likegrowers likes helped me rank in more followers and I’m loving it!
Very happy with it
I thought this will be a lot harder to use but it is very straightforward. I only have one instagram account for now but will add more soon.
Super easy to use
Changing the hashtags and adding or deleting instgaram accounts is super easy
Great for $9.99!
What more could you ask for 9.99? Reliable tool!
Affordable and easy to use
I didn’t try other similar programs but I’m not tempted to do so. Likegrowers is easy
our accounts are good
our instagram accounts started to get attention right away. Thank you
Helleva system
great to work with
Crispy fresh and cool
thanks for service! this works so awesome!
Stellar support team!
By far the best support team in this market! They won''t stop helping you till your issue is solved. And the compose themselves in a nice professional manner!
Super cool!
Super cool!
Just bought it
Just bought this service. Giving it a 5 star rating. Hoping it will work. If not I will review my review!
Super cool
Super cool, wished you had something similar for Facebook! I signed up on a whim, not expecting much but I love it so far. I was so hoping I would win the Premium package back in April but I wasn’t that lucky. Maybe next time.
What I liked most what the fact that it all seems very genuine. I was a bit afraid that I will be flooded with likes – I have around 2k pictures – but the likes came in steadily, they didn’t look automatic at all.
Love it!
Great tool that automates a lot of work! I have a lot of websites and I don’t have time to do the same things for each account so this was gold for me. Thanks!
Happy with it but still needs some features
I’m happy with this and I hope you guys keep improving it – it looks promising.
Just great!
Mid January last year I launched a fashion and beauty blog and I needed something to spice up my Insta profile. I had about 50 pics on my profile when I signed up for Likegrowers and the likes I got helped me get new followers and even more liked. Very genuine and easy to use, highly recommend it!
Already got some likes
I just started using this a few days ago and I already got 30 likes for my images! This is huge for me! Super excited about this!
OMG! I just can’t believe this tool! You can even add unlimited Instagram accounts which is just awesome as I have a bunch of them! I’ve been playing with this today and I dig it – you do need to add some features (and you said you will on the website). Can’t wait. Anyway, well done guys! Keep it up!
Easy to use
Very easy to register and very useful to use! I wasn’t expecting it to be this simple to use actually. Great!
Like it!
I like this and thanks for the link to inconosquare, it helped me get more ideas of tags I’m interested in!
Looking better and better
Wanted to let you know that Likegrowers is looking better and better by the day! I can’t wait for you to add liking by Geo-location and liking the newsfeed – these two features will save me a lot of time!
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