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Hi, We’ve been working on some great things in the background. This was a long road with many obstacles to overcome. We’ve stopped counting the cup of coffees and forget about the time zone we live in. But we are glad to release a big update.

We have some awesome new features available to make Likegrowers one of best Instagram Auto Liker tool for you. You have been waiting for a long time for this and we’ve received many requests for these features.

These features are meant to target more specific Instagram users. You will get better results and now you will be able to target local people. These features will help many people who operate a local business with the help of Instagram. Next, to that, businesses will start using Instagram to target those local people. These new features will help you become Instagram Famous very fast.

The new features are:

Liking by location:
As mentioned before, this new feature is great to target local Instagram users. Businesses that operate on a local area will see great results with this. It will save them time because all the new Instagram pictures that will be uploaded will be liked. You can add all the locations where you operate to get in touch with the people who have been there.

Add locations to like on Instagram
To add locations you have to select “Add location” and search for the locations that you want to add. These locations can be restaurants, bars, clubs, events, monuments and many more.

Liking the followers of an Instagram account:
This is a great feature that can grow your business quickly. Followers of an account have already shown that they have interest in some type of product/service. They are already following your competitor or the Instagram account that your business can take advantage off. By adding their Instagram account, it will start to like randomly 2-3 pictures of the followers. This is also great for local business owners, who have competitors with already a large social media community.

Like followers of an Instagram account
To add Instagram users you have to select “Add username” and search for the Instagram user that you want to add. You can add the Instagram user by clicking on the name that you want to add. The system will start to like the followers of these users.

Finally, you can skip those annoying images that are constantly uploaded to spam a tag that you are using for your Likegrowers account. You can now add tags to skip liking certain images that have included your blacklisted tag. This will prevent distributing likes to useless posts. We hope you understand that we don’t have influence on what people are posting under certain tags. Now you can build a blacklist where all the nude, adds and unwanted pictures (NSFW) are being liked.

But this blacklist feature has also an other side. If your service concentrates on female fashion for example, you can blacklist all the men tags and still use those popular tags where men and women post pictures. This will make the liking process target more women so you will get better results.

Next to that you can blacklist the users. You might not want to like competitors so you can blacklist their account. We have added also a function where you can add multiple tags or users. You can also blacklist multiple tags and users.

Blacklist tags or users on Instagram
To add blacklist items you have to select “Blacklist hashtags” or “Blacklist users” and search for the Instagram user/tag that you want to blacklist. You can add the Instagram user or tag by clicking on the name/tag that you want to blacklist. It’s also possible to blacklist multiple tags or users by choosing “Blacklist multiple hashtags” or “Blacklist multiple users”. You can separate the items by comma or space.

But that’s not all;

  • We have optimized our system where the set liking speed is reached again.
  • Different small bugs are fixed where issues occurred.

We thank you all for being patient and sending us all the feedback. We love to learn from you to improve our service. We are still creating amazing new features in the background that will help you.

You can contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!

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