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Posted on December 4, 2018

How to Get Likes for Instagram

It’s been a while since likes for Instagram content stopped being just about people liking images. As the social network transitioned from being the selfie bulletin board of the internet to a place where money is spent and made, so did the importance of the coveted like.

The like is still an indicator of the quality of content and the social capital of the person who posted it. But it’s also a very strong indicator of the monetization ability of that content and its creator.

So, what are the best ways to get likes for Instagram content? The content needs to be attractive and contribute to the account’s appeal to the viewer. Following the best practices for content creation will count for a lot, but so will knowing where to promote the content. The real trick to making people engage with content might be in engaging them first. And we’ll also discover the best way to do that.

Timely Content That Pleases the Eye

The content itself has to be the major draw for likes. It’s very unlikely that people will like your content if they don’t really like it, but it’s not impossible. However, it’s not a good idea to think too much about catering to people’s tastes when creating content. Instead, focus on creating content the right way.

The first step for creating likable content is deciding on a common theme or topic. People call this a “niche” and having one can help your content find its way to the right type of audience easily. Consider your interests, values, and capabilities when deciding on a niche.

The next step is to figure out the right visual identity for the content. Did you know that lighter photos get more likes, as do those with a dominant bluish color? These are only some of the visual qualities that affect a photo’s performance on Instagram. Choosing a color palette, as well as a consistent composition style for every piece of content on the feed is paramount.

Filters are very popular among content creators and their audiences. You’ll have a wide choice of filters to use for the content. But to get the most likes for Instagram content, it would be best to choose a small number of filters — two or three — and stick with them.

Finally, knowing when to release the content will also affect its performance. The rule of thumb is that you should upload new content to the Instagram feed at relatively regular intervals. Once the feed starts getting traction, you will be able to see when the followers are most likely to interact with the content and schedule new content releases around that time.

How and Where to Promote Content

If you’re able to produce content that will make people tap that heart button, or double-tap the photo itself, you’re just halfway there. To start getting high engagement numbers, including likes, people need to see more of the content, and they need to see it as often as possible. The next step is content promotion.

The tried and tested method of content promotion on Instagram is by choosing the correct hashtags. Hashtags are what people use to find similar content, which is why they are such a popular and effective tool for increasing the reach of your content. Just make sure to learn how to use hashtags effectively and to stay up-to-date on the latest recommendations.

Adding a geotag to content might also help expose it to new audiences. A geotag will allow the content to be linked to a location or an area. From there, people can find it in the ‘places’ search. And not for nothing, business who want to target users in specific areas will look for local influencers using geotagging.

Instagram also has a special place where people can go to find new types of content. It’s called the explore tab, and if you’re not sure how to have content featured in there, it’s probably because no one can tell you exactly. And the social network is of no help at all.

However, it stands to reason that growing an audience using a consistent content strategy will increase the chances of your content being featured in people’s explore tab.

Engaging for Likes

Besides posting quality content and doing everything just right, there’s only one more thing that’s effective for getting likes for Instagram content. And that’s engaging with people’s content so they can engage back.

Engagement groups are the usual way people are doing this. You join a group of people who agree to engage with each other’s content — you have to like their content, but you also get likes in return. With time, this increases the reach of the content.

However, the real secret is that people will engage with your content if you engage with theirs even without an explicit agreement to do so. If you like their content and they decide to check your profile out, they might find content there that’s worthy of liking.

Automation Tool

But the best thing about this way of getting likes for Instagram content is that you can automate it. An organic Instagram auto-liker can save you hours upon hours of looking for content to like. Because it offers the right degree of customization when it comes to criteria for liking content, this tool can be the sole like-building automation tool you will ever need.

try now likes for Instagram

In today’s world, a highly-visited and well-liked Instagram account can easily become an additional source of income or a full-time job for its creator. But to get there, you need to build up a presence one like at a time. And don’t forget that there’s nothing wrong if, at least at the beginning, most of those likes are the ones you give to people’s content.

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