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Likegrowers is an Instagram growth service that can help your business grow on Instagram. This is done through safe and organic interaction with the desired target group. We understand that your time is valuable and that you are probably more interested in running the business than figuring out how Instagram works and how you can succeed in it.

So, the following question remains “how can you make your Instagram business page successful?”  Well, that’s a very good question. To have a successful Instagram page, you must first have attractive content. What do you want to show and to whom do you want to show this?

You can have great content but if no one can find your page or the people who visit it are not interested then you will not achieve much with your Instagram page. And that is exactly the solution that Likegrowers offers. It allows you to interact with your desired target group. You can find the target group based on interest, location or you can tap into an existing target group. And all of this happens automatically.

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Practical example

Let’s say you have a new brand of watches. There are a lot of different brands in the watch industry so it’s very hard to compete with the larger ones. Now that you’ve setup your shop to distribute to international customers and started to do some marketing, you will soon realize that you are just a very small part of the whole industry. It’s difficult to grow your profit with a small budget for marketing.

You found out about Likegrowers and registered an account, but what now? All you have to do is look for the right tag. Go to other accounts who promote watches or sell watches and see what kind of #tags they use. Take the most popular used #tags and add them to your Likegrowers. Press the play button and relax.
A note worth mentioning is that you have to add products or pictures to your Instagram account so that you are interesting to follow. Add your website name in your bio and comment back when people comment on your pictures. If you want to like back people that have like your posts, you have to like back everyone, not just one. We recommend that you don’t follow anyone.

Now an explanation for what you just did. By having a small new brand, which can reach the international market with its products, Likegrowers is the best solution to significantly improve your revenue. You like your potential customers and only the people that are interested in you will like you or follow you back. You are in contact with potential customers who are waiting there to just see the right product or deal to buy something from you. If you can see this situation by yourself, you know that Likegrowers is a golden tool for your business. Start now and you will see amazing results. This is a powerful marketing tool! Our support team is willing to help and give you advice.



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