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Instagram bot with a story

Instagram bots have been introduced some time ago already. Due to the changes in algorithms on the Instagram side, it became every year harder to develop and use an Instagram bot. 

Nevertheless, with the right knowledge and many years of experience, we are capable of offering an Instagram bot that is the best in the market. All current Instagram bots are doing a very low amount of interactions because they don’t know how to beat the algorithm. 

Our Instagram bot is a data-driven service that generates an algorithm that is based on human behavior. We’ve built software by copying about 20 real persons their Instagram activity and run multiple statistical analyses. With that data, we’ve managed to calibrate a behavior on Instagram that is totally natural. 

This gives us an advantage over the other Instagram bots online. We are experts in this field and we did not only manage to build algorithms that represent natural behavior, but we’ve also managed to build a platform to run the automated Instagram bot where the only thing that can be detected is a faulty proxy. 

Due to the huge amount of spam through different proxies, it became harder to have clean proxies over time. But we’ve also managed to build a proxy scanner where we can detect the quality of the proxy. The more accounts we have, the more data we have, the better the service becomes. 

So join us in this journey and we will do all our best to make sure we can provide an Instagram bot that you can enjoy safely and for a long time. 

How it works

instagram auto liker

1. Connect

Connect all your Instagram accounts in a few easy steps.

instagram auto liker

2. Account Strategy

Setup your account to target the audience you want to interact with.

instagram auto liker

3. Organic Growth

Experience the results and see your likes and followers increase.

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