How it works

Grow your Instagram account in 3 simple steps..Ready?

First Step

First you need to buy a like package (after registration). Once you have purchased a like package, you can use the likes to reach the desired target group and gain more likes and followers for your Instagram account. The amount of purchased likes will be spent on the chosen like elements.

Second Step

Choose the following like elements:

  • Hashtags
    You can like pictures based on chosen hashtags. If you, for example, choose #cars, all the pictures on Instagram with this hashtag will automatically be liked. The owners of these liked pictures will notice your like and will then return to your Instagram page to either like or follow you. Our tool works 24/7 and you can preset how many likes you want to spend per hour. Amazing, right?
  • Locations
    You can also like pictures tagged in a certain location. For example, if you choose the location ‘Hollywood’, all pictures tagged in Hollywood will automatically be liked.
  • Users
    Imagine you would like to focus on the followers of an existing Instagram account because you think these followers match your own target group or because you find this target audience interesting. With this feature you can choose one or more Instagram accounts and our tool will then like some pictures of the followers of that instagram account. Those followers will notice your likes and will then return to your Instagram page to either like or follow you. How amazing is that?

Third Step

This steps allows you to define your settings for a more powerful experience.

Liking speed
You can choose your liking speed per hour. 

You can choose whether you want to like your ‘Personal Newsfeed’ and the ‘Search & Explore’ feed.

Here you can indicate that you want to avoid having unwanted pictures being liked.