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How it works

instagram auto liker

1. Connect

Connect all your Instagram accounts in a few easy steps.

instagram auto liker

2. Account Strategy

Setup your account to target the audience you want to interact with.

instagram auto liker

3. Organic Growth

Experience the results and see your likes and followers increase.

Professional tool for your Business

Likegrowers is an Instagram growth service that can help your business grow on Instagram. This is done through safe and organic interaction with the desired target group.

We understand that your time is valuable and that you are probably more interested in running the business than figuring out how Instagram works and how you can succeed in it.

So, the following question remains “how can you make your Instagram business page successful?” Well, that’s a very good question. To have a successful Instagram page, you must first have attractive content. What do you want to show and to whom do you want to show this?

You can have great content but if no one can find your page or the people who visit it are not interested then you will not achieve much with your Instagram page. And that is exactly the solution that Likegrowers offers. It allows you to interact with your desired target group. You can find the target group based on interest, location or you can tap into an existing target group. And all of this happens automatically.

Targeted Hashtag

Like posts with your Instagram profile on a specific tag or multiple tags. You can also set to like personal & popular feed.

Targeted Location

All the pictures that are geo-tagged within that location will be liked with your Instagram. Try targeting local stores, venues, and popular places.

Targeted User

Target a specific group of people who have already shown that they have an interest in specific profiles. Useful to target a competitor’s followers.


Stay away from spam and unwanted content. Filter out specific hashtags, usernames, locations, and captions for being liked.

Flexible Scheduler

The scheduler feature gives you the freedom of scheduling the activity in any time frame of the day or week.

Cloud Service

Your activity process continues even though you close your browser. You don’t have to leave your device turned on to use our powerful services.

On average, our clients are saving more than 3,500% of the budget per year by using Likegrowers.

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