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We have multiple options to connect your Instagram account. Click on the dashboard tiles on “Add Instagram account” or use the badge next to the text “Your Instagram accounts”. A modal will show up where you can fill in your Instagram username and password to start the process.

It could happen that a server didn’t start up well or something happened during the process. Please wait approximately 5 minutes, if nothing happens you may refresh the browser page and try it again. If that didn’t work, please contact our support so we can debug the problem.

There are three steps you need to take to start the activity:

1: Add a minimum of 10 ‘sources’ to your Instagram account. The sources can be a combination of tags, locations, or users. It’s also possible to use a single feature if preferred. Tags usually have more content so that will output on average more daily likes.

2: Setup a ‘schedule’ for your Instagram account. Add some time blocks to your schedule so the system knows when it can start the activity. It will take a random moment from the selected times and start the daily activity.

3:. Make sure you have enough ‘days credits’ in your account. You can click on “0 days left” to add more days to your total days’ balance.

The system algorithms will start slowly on new linked Instagram accounts. After each activity, it will increase the limit. But the total amount of activity can vary every day. This depends mostly on the available content. The current beta is to solve all the bugs but also to improve the efficiency of the activity. At this stage, you could experience some inactivity on the scheduled moments.

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