Business case

Our customers know that we often engage in conversation with them. Sometimes because we need some information of them to improve our service, sometimes to solve their problems and sometimes because we are just interested in their story and how our organic Instagram auto liker helped them to succeed.
business case

As a young entrepreneur, the business world is very confusing. It is like a maze. When I started my business for selling dog articles, I knew I needed to get myself out there. I started out by creating an Instagram account, but then I got stuck.

I knew the people I was targeting and was looking for people with dogs and those who just loved dogs or were looking to get one at some point. There was only one problem. How was I going to find all these people? How would I be sure I wouldn’t misinterpret people?

One of the ways I knew would get me followers was to sit and like photos and following relevant accounts, but that would take ages. I mean I still had clients for my business to pitch, meetings to attend and deadlines to beat. After all that I just did not have the time so I decided to look for a “shortcut” and I set on the search.

The first answer I came up with was not what I was looking for. It didn’t seem legal, and it was also capital intensive. It was all about buying likes and followers. I also knew it was not sustainable and would ultimately blow up in my face and so the search continued.



This time I discovered organic Instagram auto liker. As a young entrepreneur, the price was an essential factor. I needed a service that I could pay for a short time, and that was also affordable. My search landed me at Likegrowers. They claimed that they could guarantee my Instagram account organic followers, that was like music to my ears.

I liked this organic Instagram auto liker because it had the lowest price and what’s more they don’t tie you down with a subscription. How cool is that!

So, I have been using the account for a couple of months, and I am going to share with you some of the features I like most. I am sure you will also love it if you are a entrepreneur with a shoestring budget willing to put yourself out there.

Let’s dig in.

Hashtags can help you get more relevant followers

I am sure you already knew this. But Likegrowers makes the process even easier. All you need to do is look for specific hashtags that you want to associate with your account, and they will work their magic.

For instance, I deal with dog articles so if I provide hashtags such as #dog lovers #dog #dogs are friends; I am bound to reach my target audience. Likegrowers will use this hashtags to search Instagram and do the job of liking photos of people with the hashtags and eventually getting them to notice me.

Once they end up on my page, they will want to see what else I offer, and since I have the links to my website and Facebook page, they will get all the information they need.

You can localize the pictures you like

I think this is my best feature so far. When you have it, you get to like photos in your area. This is especially important for us with small businesses that are yet to be nationwide.

For instance, if you sell dog products in New York, you want to reach out to your customers in New York. This feature will get prospects and narrow down to those in New York, and if you want an even smaller area say Manhattan, you can specify that. The fantastic Likegrowers will do your bidding.

The organic Instagram auto liker will like the photos of those in your designated area even if they are just visiting. As long as they are interested in your area of business, they will notice you.

You can get followers from a similar account with more numbers

You must have that account in your niche that you love so much and you’d like to have their kind of numbers. Well, with Like growers, you can use them on your way up, literally.

For instance, if I see an account with dog products or advice on dogs with a million followers, I can target their followers. The organic Instagram auto liker will then find the account’s followers and like their photos.

Of course, the owners of those accounts will want to know who liked their posts and when they check, they find me, a fellow dog lover. They will check out my account and boom!  A prospect has been created.

I love it!

Final thoughts

These three features have helped my account immensley, and in the few months, I have been using Likegrowers I have seen my list of followers increase.

The best thing is that they are organic followers which means even when I am not using the service they are still there and this is why I am recommending the organic Instagram auto liker. Try them today and watch your Instagram account grow and give you leads as you focus on more pertinent issues in your business.