15 Best Instagram Growth Services in 2022

Instagram Growth Service

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Everyone who establishes an Instagram account has a profile and a news feed, just like Facebook or Twitter. On Instagram, when you publish a photo or video, it appears on your profile. Your posts appear in the feeds of other users who follow you. Similarly, you’ll see posts from persons you follow.

Instagram is similar to a stripped-down version of Facebook, focusing on mobile and image sharing. You engage with other users by following them, allowing others to follow you, commenting, liking, tagging, and sending private messages, much like other social networks. You can also save the Instagram photographs you see.

Because there’s so much to learn about Instagram, they’ve put together some useful information to help you get started. That’s why they’ve put together a list of the finest Instagram growth services you can utilize to increase your Instagram followers.

Best Instagram Growth Services 2022:

Here is the Best Instagram Growth Services list you can use in 2022 and 2023.

  1. Likegrowers
  2. InstaGrov
  3. Hashtagsforlikes.co
  4. Trendhero.io
  5. Gramista
  6. Firing Table
  7. Tree Frog
  8. Hype Planner
  9. BigBangram
  10. Crowdfire
  11. Seek Socially
  12. Kicksta
  13. Trust Social
  14. Follow Adder
  15. Media Mister.

1. Likegrowers – The #1 Instagram Growth Service:

It is their recommended pick for the top Instagram growth service for various reasons. The Likegrowers were chosen as the #1 Instagram growth service because it draws attention to your Instagram by satisfying your liking plan. Begin interacting safely and naturally to increase your Instagram likes and followers. It is their top recommendation for the best Instagram growth service for many reasons.

Connect all of your Instagram profiles in a few simple steps and set up your account to target the people you want to interact with. Watch your likes and followers grow as a result of the results. Likegrowers is an Instagram growth service that can assist you in growing your brand on the platform. This is accomplished through interacting with the targeted target group safely and organically.

So, “how can you make your Instagram company page successful?” remains the question. That’s an excellent question. You must first have appealing material to establish a successful Instagram page. What exactly do you want to demonstrate, and to whom do you want to demonstrate it?

Likegrowers uses the following targeted ways to grow your organic Instagram followers:

Targeted Hashtag: Like posts on a certain tag or several tags using your Instagram profile. You can also choose to like your own and other people’s feeds.

Targeted Location: Your Instagram will like all geotagged photos within that location. Make a point of going to local merchants, venues, and popular spots.

Targeted User: Aim for a certain group of users who have already expressed an interest in certain profiles. It’s a good way to target the followers of a competition.

Blacklist: Stay away from spam and unpleasant content by adding it to your blacklist. For being liked, filter out specific hashtags, usernames, places, and captions.

Flexible Scheduler: The scheduler feature allows you to schedule an activity at any moment during the day or week.

Cloud Service: Even if you close your browser, your activity process continues in the cloud. You do not need to leave your device turned on to access their powerful services.

They recognize that your time is valuable and that you are likely more concerned with operating your business than with learning how Instagram works and how to flourish there.

You can have fantastic material, but if no one can find your Instagram page or if the people who visit it aren’t interested, you won’t get very far with it. That is precisely the service that Likegrowers provides. It allows you to interact with the people you want to interact with. You can find a target group based on their interests, geography or by tapping into an existing one. And it all happens without human intervention.

Always know what you’ll pay, no contract or hidden fees.

Pricing Plan

Their affordable pricing plans include:

  • 9 Days: 1.8K – 4.5K+ Interactions in $ 15.99
  • 30 Days: 6K – 15K+ Interactions in $ 42.99
  • 45 Days: 12K – 24K+ Interactions in $ 54.99

Instagram Human Growth Pricing:

  • 28 Days: 10k – 14k Interactions in $90.99

2. InstaGrov – Best Instagram Organic Growth Service: 

The site offers a variety of options for increasing your Instagram followers and effectively growing your business. New accounts, Instagram influencers, bloggers, brands, agencies, and social media managers may all benefit from InstaGrov.

Through the tactics mentioned above, InstaGrov makes your brand more visible to visitors and connects you with genuine consumers, allowing you to expand your business in less time. In addition, the platform allows you to customize your preferences and choose the hashtags, usernames, and locations that best suit your needs. InstaGrov, on the other hand, engages with your audience frequently, using a variety of tactics to keep their attention.

Furthermore, the platform offers a completely secure environment and focuses on giving the greatest Instagram growth experience while protecting your data from third-party interference and misuse. They also provide customer care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year if you need assistance with their services. They also offer 5 Days Free Trial so that you can check their services before buying. 

Pricing Plan

InstaGrov offers a 5-day free trial and affordable pricing plans:

  • Engagement: $99 per user per month
  • Growth: $149 per user per month
  • Full Growth: $299 per user per month  

3. Hashtagsforlikes.co

Hashtagsforlikes is one of the most creative ways to gain more Instagram followers. Using trending hashtags is a tried and true strategy to expand your reach to a wider range of audiences. Starting with Hashtagsforlikes entails a full examination of your live Instagram analytics, as well as research and the creation of hashtag campaigns for your profile.

Doesn’t it appear to be a simple task? It’s a lot easier than it appears! By utilizing hashtags specific to your postings, you will set a precedent that will make it easier for users to find you. The only thing you have to do on your end is keeping create fascinating and high-quality material that will attract your audience’s attention.

Instagram Hashtags: Discover the best, most popular hashtags to utilize to help you grow your Instagram following.

Analyze Usernames: Keep an eye on your own Instagram profile or do some study on others to make better decisions regarding increasing your account.

TikTok Hashtags: Discover the best, most popular hashtags to utilize on TikTok to help you grow your audience.

Responsive Dashboard: Get full access to their Instagram and TikTok tools to help you optimize your page and build your audience.

Now that they’ve covered all of the how’s and whys of using Hashtagsforlikes to expand your Instagram followers organically, it’s time to hit that subscribe button. While one-time purchases can greatly raise your metrics for a certain requirement, they can’t sustain the growth over time. A long-term strategy is required for consistent exposure, engagement, and connections, as well as long-term growth.

Pricing Plan

Regular: $19/ Weekly, A great option to start growing your Instagram account with real, targeted followers.

Pro: $25/Weekly, For influencers, brands, or anyone else looking to accelerate growth on both Instagram & TikTok rapidly.

4. Trendhero.io:

A writer’s block affects anyone who creates content for the goal of knowledge and enjoyment, not only writers. You can feel like you’re running out of new ways to keep your audience engaged at times. They recognize that the challenge is very genuine! That’s why Trendhero allows you to find, follow, and monitor Instagram influencers and creators, so you’ll never run out of inspiration again. You may find influencers and opinion leaders based on their demographics, subscribers, and active accounts. You can even see which influencers have the highest engagement rate, post regularly, and interact with their fans the most.

To find the right influencer: Identify creators and influencers who will reach your target audience to find the ideal influencer.

To check for fake followers: Determine which influencers will bring sales or subscriptions and which will not.

To save costs: To save money, Spending money on bloated accounts with false followers is a waste of money.

To know your audience: To get to know your target market, do the following: Examine the number of Instagram followers and their quality.

Trendhero allows you to track how frequently your competitors promote their profiles and when they begin active marketing campaigns. You can also monitor the number of likes, comments, and video views for ad posts. For digital agencies, business owners, social media marketers, and influencers, Trendhero offers a one-stop-shop.

Pricing Plan

1 Month
  • Free: Basic influencers discovery and analysis at $0/month
  • Lite: Check or create your list of influencers from search at $9.99/month
  • Pro: Comprehensive search and ads monitoring at $29.99/month
  • Advanced: For marketers who deal with influencers daily at $99.99/month
6 Month
  • Lite: Check or create your list of influencers from search at 41.99/6 months
  • Pro: Comprehensive search and ads monitoring at $125.99/6months
  • Advanced: For marketers who deal with influencers daily at $419.99/6 months

5. Gramista:

Gramista is another popular Instagram growth service that automates the process of increasing your followers, likes, and comments. Gramista registration is straightforward; you must enter your name, email, and Instagram account name. Customers benefit from a significant increase in followers, VIP email support, a more focused audience, live chat assistance, and much more.

. All you have to do is give Gramista hashtags to target the right people. Their bot will simulate human behavior to acquire likes, followers, and unfollows as closely as possible. Although the chances of being discovered by Instagram for suspicious conduct are slim, Gramista bots are designed to reduce suspicion.

Pricing Plan

  • Basic Plan “Gramista”: From $39/month
  • Premium Plan “Nitreo”: For immediately results from $49/month
  • Their base subscription, which includes follower development, video onboarding, and audience targeting, starts at just $49 per month. Their premium plan is $99 and has many more features than the basic plan.

6. Firing Table:

Trying to figure out how to expand your Instagram handle organically? Are you fed up with squandering your money and effort on phony service providers? Then fill up your tank because they’re taking you to Firing Table to discover how to naturally increase your social media following and become a social media superstar!

  • They interact with users based on how you direct them to do so.
  • You can concentrate on content while they increase your number of followers.
  • There are no restrictions on the amount of progress you can make.
  • They work to improve your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After you’ve specified your choices for the type of plan you want, Firing Table’s team of specialists will contact you to discuss the type of content you publish, the individuals you engage with, their interests, age, and location, among other things. Your main responsibility is to concentrate on the quality of material you provide to keep your audience engaged. Firing Table will work day and night to increase your Instagram account and ramp up your influencer game after you’re all set on your end. So, if you’re still looking for some of the greatest Instagram growth services available, your quest has come to an end.

Price Planning

  • Personal: $29.95 for Real Fans & Followers and 60% Interaction Rates
  • Professional: $49.95 for Priority Support and Fastest Interaction
  • Business: $79.95 for Phone Support, Fastest Interaction and Cancel Anytime

7. Tree Frog:

Tree Frog is an organic social media growth service managed by specialists and professionals in the area. It is one of the top Instagram growth services available on the market. They’re a group of social media marketing experts who have delighted millions of customers and continue to strive for success.

Nothing less than actual engagements, real results from real people. The Instagram Growth Service from Tree Frog will ensure that your account maintains regular engagement. Count on hundreds of likes, thousands of followers, and a slew of new fans.

  • 100% Organic Growth
  • Thousands of Engagements Every Month
  • Real People in charge
  • NO BOTS!

Once you’ve safely logged into your Tree Frog account, a list of accounts that are similar to yours will be sent to their team of specialists. They’ll then go after those folks because anyone who follows those accounts is likely to follow yours as well. Tree Frog’s team will engage with them through likes, comments, and direct messages to successfully and organically expand your Instagram account. Tree Frog is the answer for everyone who wants to promote and boost their brand awareness on Instagram, regardless of their profession.

Pricing Plan

Tree Frog is relatively economical for anyone new to any Instagram growth service, with services starting at $29.99. Customers can subscribe for $1/day and receive daily insights and value-added guidance on how to grow organically on social media.

8. HypePlanner:

Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar, Spotify, Entrepreneur, Vogue, and Variety are among the thousands of pleased clients of Hype Planner. Hype Planner’s inclination for 100 percent customer satisfaction is seen in such a long list of illustrious clients.

You tell them who they should target: You offer their team accounts comparable to yours, and they will locate your target market.

You Tell them What Audience To Target: To get your target audience’s attention, their staff will engage with them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They Engage With Your Target Audience: On average, they see hundreds to thousands of new targeted followers, along with a boost in natural engagement.

You Get Real, Engaged Followers Every Month: After you’ve established a plan, Hype Planner’s team of experts will analyses your account, niche, and goals to come up with the best marketing approach for your account. They’ll also research similar accounts and identify your target audience.

After you’ve established a plan, Hype Planner’s team of experts will analyze your account, niche, and goals to develop the best marketing approach for your account. They’ll also research similar accounts and identify your target audience. After determining the target demographic, they’ll engage with the intended audience 24/7 and ask relevant users to check out your account. Be prepared to receive a surge of hundreds to thousands of new followers on average. Hype Planner will help you obtain up to 150,000 genuine followers if you want more.

Pricing Plan

  • Standard Growth: In $99 per month for Quality Daily Growth
  • Premium Growth: In $149 per month for FASTEST Daily Growth
  • VIP Growth: In $750+ (Book a call for pricing) for any services you want.

9. BigBangram

BigBangram is a popular Instagram growth service that offers a variety of options for fast and successfully promoting your Instagram handle. They provide various services for this purpose, including an Instagram Hashtag generator.

It’s a system that produces hashtags based on a keyword, an image, or a post link. A hashtag is a useful navigation feature that allows you to find the proper article among a slew of others. Using BigBangram’s Instagram tag generator, you’ll be able to locate information that your users will find useful and fascinating. The tag generator is an artificial intelligence system that does all your work.

Best Hashtag Generator: On Instagram, a hashtag is an important navigation tool. It allows you to find a suitable job from many options.

Bot for Instagram: This is the quickest and most efficient approach to gaining new followers without spending time and effort.

Auto Unfollow option for Instagram: Enable the Instagram unfollowing option, and their bot automatically unfollows everyone on your list of followers.

Scheduled Instagram posts, a typeface generator, and a direct messenger are among BigBangram’s other features. The scheduled posts will save you time when posting a video or photo. The font generator will make your Instagram text attractive and unique. The direct messenger feature will assist you with your direct messages, allowing you to control their flow and attract customers with a personalized approach.

10. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a one-stop-shop for all your social media needs, allowing you to find, schedule, and manage all of your social media accounts in one spot. Crowdfire is one of the most popular Instagram growth services on the market today, with over 19 million members globally. You may curate fantastic material for your audience with their help, as well as photographs that are shareable on Instagram.

Their Features include:

Content: Curate articles from tens of thousands of different sources. Leave the curating to them while you focus on your content strategy.

Publish: From a single location, schedule and publish material to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Analytics: Deep dive into data to better understand your #ROI and fine-tune your initiatives.

Mention: In your team’s inbox, keep track of every mention, comment, and response. Instantly track your Twitter account’s mentions.

Enter the themes you’d like to curate, and you’ll be provided with relevant articles and photographs to publish without having to go out and find them. Another fantastic feature is writing in bulk and scheduling it to be published later. Finally, Crowdfire will give you frequent performance metrics for your Instagram handle. Crowdfire will give you PowerPoint presentations and PDF files that you may download to understand better.

Pricing Plan


  • Free: $0
  • Plus: $9.99 /month
  • Premium: $49.99 /month
  • VIP: $99.99 /month


In case you wanted to try it out

  • Plus: $7.48 /mo
  • Premium: $37.48 /mo
  • VIP: $74.98 /mo

11. Seek Socially

You can’t do much better than Seek Socially regarding safety and security. These folks employ encryption and proxies to keep my account safe as I continue to expand it – which, in my opinion, is the most important thing.

They’ve been managing social media growth for almost 6 years. This is something they’ve perfected to great art. With their industry-leading AI technology, you can grow your Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, and other social media platforms.

Choose your target audience: Make a list of accounts with interests similar to the audience you want to reach. This allows their service to reach the most likely people to interact with your content.

Get their attention: Seek will engage with users on your behalf based on the targeted criteria you choose to attract more engaged Instagram users to your profile.

Watch your followers grow: Your follower count will start to rise almost immediately as more interested users view and interact with your content.

Pricing Plan

  • Starter: This package has been designed for people who are just starting on their social journey at $44/month
  • Premium: This package has been designed for people who already have a social presence and are looking to grow in $99/month exponentially

12. Kicksta

Kicksta got the ball moving pretty immediately and proved to me that they know what they’re doing when it comes to Instagram development through their services. They took the time to learn about my preferences and target audience, not to attract the wrong kind of followers, which I appreciated.

Match with a celebrity: You’ll be paired with a celebrity who best supports your personal development goals.

Get Promoted: Your matched celebrity will promote a charitable giveaway on their live profile.

Get Followed: To enhance their charity gift and win the products in the contest, the celebrity’s admirers are asked to follow your profile. The promotion will run until your growth goal is met!

Over 100k Instagram accounts of influencers, social media managers, business owners, and agencies benefit from their Instagram growth service, which grows followers organically using their proprietary AI-powered technology that has been rigorously developed over the previous 5 years. Their customers may rest confident that they will receive consistent growth free of spam, bots, and Fake followers. Simply put, they priorities organic growth. Their distinct approach distinguishes them from their competitors.

Pricing Plan

  • Standard plan: For moderate growth in just $49/month
  • Premium Plan: For maximum growth in just $99/month
  • Boost Plan: For maximum growth and much more in just $218/month

13. TrustSocial

When Trust Social began executing their services with my account, I was shocked to learn how dependable they were. Even though they are newcomers to the industry, they make up for it with their experience.

Boost your public image: You will receive the publicity you deserve and need to immediately succeed in your niche.

Real engaged subscribers: Bots and fraudulent accounts are not permitted. They are actual individuals who provide fantastic results. They don’t even need access to your account to help you!

Dedicated Account Manager: You will be allocated a personal account manager to assist you for the duration of your membership.

They employ a tried-and-true method that comprises sending highly targeted actions from a big network of users they’ve built up through time and collaboration with the platform’s top influencers.

They run giveaways with influencers or celebrities, encouraging their followers to follow specific accounts like yours. You will earn hundreds of genuine followers once the giveaway begins.

Pricing Plan

  • Micro-Influencer: Medium follower growth in $97/month
  • Influencer: High follower growth in $197/month
  • Personal Brand/Business: Maximum Follower growth in $347/month

14. Follow Adder:

Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux is the most powerful organic Instagram growth service and automation software tool. I didn’t want all the bells and whistles while looking for the ideal growth service for my account; instead, I wanted a company that focused on the essentials and performed them well. Follow Adder was the only option for me, and they’ve been my go-to ever since.

Growth of your business and influencers: Their software will help you expand your account naturally and quickly! Relax and enjoy watching your audience grow by the day! Increase sales, traffic to your website, brand awareness, and self-promotion. Businesses, Influencers, Artists, Models, and Musicians!

Rapid Organic Instagram Growth: Trusted and utilized by leading companies, businesses, and Instagram influencers for organic Instagram growth.

Social Media Analysis: Increase your Instagram Likes, Follower Count, Instagram Views, and Follower Growth organically with social media analysis. Increase the number of people following you on Instagram. With their chart monitoring, you can keep track of your progress.

  • Followers of a Targeted Profile Followers of a Targeted Profile
  • The most popular photo commenter on a profile might be targeted.
  • Photo likers are targeting photo Commenters. Using User Feed Commenters as a Target
  • Profile Targeting by Keyword Profile Targeting by Location User Hashtag Targeting
  • Ignore Profiles in the Absence of Profiles Full control over the timing and quantity of actions performed per day with the option to ignore profiles set to private.
  • Import Lists from CVS File and Export to CVS File

Pricing Plan

  • Basic: For 1 Instagram profile $24/month
  • Premium: For 10 Instagram profiles, $48/month
  • Pro: For 25 Instagram profiles, $94/monthly

15. Combin

Combin was one of those firms that I was skeptical about at first since it appeared to be another generic Instagram growth company. But I took my chance, and I’ve never regretted it.

An Instagram marketing solution with advanced audience targeting, analysis, administration, and engagement tools. Increase your Instagram followers and cultivate a devoted following for your account. An Instagram marketing solution with advanced audience targeting, analysis, administration, and engagement tools. Increase your Instagram followers and cultivate a devoted following for your account.

An Instagram marketing tool designed to make Instagram content planning simple. Create a gorgeous Instagram feed by scheduling Stories and posts for auto-publishing.

Pricing Plan

  • Free: A convenient way to try out all major functionality of the application at $0.
  • Personal: For individuals and businesses with one Instagram account at $15.
  • Business: For individuals and businesses with multiple Instagram accounts at $30.


They’re confident that your route to becoming the next Instagram sensation won’t be difficult now that they’ve compiled a comprehensive list of some of the greatest Instagram growth services. They recognize that manually increasing your account could take several years.

Even if amateur influencers or small-scale brands consider using Instagram growth services, they may rapidly become disoriented, as many providers only provide phony products. Because there are so many scams out there, they’ve combed the internet to find you the best Instagram growth service, providers.

So why spend time when you can reach your goals in a fraction of the time?

instagram bot

Looking for Hyper Growth on Your Instagram?

Likegrowers is AI Powered Instagram auto liker that generates organic attention to your Instagram by fulfilling your liking strategy.

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