15+ Best Instagram Bots To Try in 2022

Best Instagram Bots

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Instagram isn’t just a platform for posting content just to entertain the masses. It can also be a place for entrepreneurs and influencers to broadcast their products to attain maximum audience growth and to better showcase their particular brand. There is an entire market behind this. And there are those out in the field that works through the minefield of digital marketing on Instagram better than others.

Although it is true that at the end of the day it isn’t mostly about how great your content is, or if what your trying to sell is actually good or not. What truly matters is how to engage with your audience. How do you better utilize the resources given to you so you can expand your popularity? What you’re selling isn’t the highlight, but the way you’re showcasing it and marketing it does.

Hence the reason why gaining good public opinion is of the utmost importance. But how do you do that while maintaining your business at the same time? How do you create a loyal following and how can you manage it at the same time? Posting daily content, engaging with your followers, and keeping up with the trends and engagements can be exhausting work.

And for that exact purpose, we present to you a list of some of the best Instagram bots, whose sole purpose is to increase your online presence and put your name on peoples’ radar.

Let’s start.

How do Instagram Bots work?

Instagram bots are basically software that interacts on Instagram on your behalf. The bot can like posts, make comments, send DMs, or follow profiles through your account. The things that you are too busy to do. Acting as automatic delegates that do your work for you with maximum yield.

As bots know the Instagram algorithms better than you do, they have a higher chance of generating an increase in your following and better maintaining your account. People who might enjoy your content but are unaware of it are quickly exposed to it rather than you promoting it on several platforms to gain a small number of views. Bots, on the other hand, can create maximum audience growth in a matter of days. Something you are unable to do in that short amount of time.

The thing about bots is that they can be managed both manually, i.e. a human team is created to grow your follower count, or it can be done through artificial intelligence.

So in order to become a social media icon that has a massive presence and influence, bots can help you reach that goal.

Best Instagram Bots in 2022:

The following list depicts some of the best Instagram Bots of the year 2021 and 2022:

  1. Likegrowers
  2. Growthoid
  3. Likes.io
  4. Stellation Media
  5. GrowthSilo
  6. SeekSocially
  7. Nitreo
  8. Kenji
  9. Inflact
  10. Jarvee
  11. Ektora
  12. Instagooo
  13. Social Sensei
  14. SocialCaptain
  15. Mahergram

1. Likegrowers – The #1 Instagram Bot in 2021:

If you were looking for an organic Instagram auto liker that will increase genuine interest in your profile and increase your followers, then Likegrowers.com might be just right for you. Likegrowers is one of the most organic platforms out there that provide Instagram bot services. Your growth in engagements using Likegrowers is done through a safe interactive environment where the people who would be genuinely interested in your content will quickly discover your page, thus increasing your follower count.

You won’t have to do any of the work, as Likegrower’s aim is to provide for you an approach for an increase in traffic through wholly organic means, without any kind of foul play involved.

And if that isn’t enough to hook you in, then you should definitely consider the bevy of people leaving positive and favorable reviews of it, which is a daunting task in this industry. The pricing range of Likegrowers is also a plus point as it is extremely cost-effective. Definitely, something to write home about.

Likegrowers is also providing Instagram organic growth service with 100% human-powered. They have a team of Instagram marketing experts that will grow your Instagram account organically. 

2. Growthoid:

Describing themselves as one of the best Instagram bots out there, Growthoid has a lot to measure up to. A plethora of features and functionalities that are aimed at increasing traffic on your channel, Growthoid is also one of the best growth tools on this list.

The organic part of their deal involves making sure that you aren’t gaining fake followers, but that your viewers are actual people who really wish to engage with your content. The people who will in turn follow you are definitely people who wish to be there. Hence why they will stay loyal followers for a long time to come.

3. Likes.io:

While officially marketing themselves as selling you likes and views, Likes.io does a lot more for their users. You can rest easy putting your trust in Likes.io’ hands as they can provide you with a lot of other benefits that can help you in your Instagram business journey.

You are given direct reins to work with Likes.io to determine your target demographic and display your content to them more effectively.

But if you still prefer to use Likes.io for generating more likes on your posts, that is good too.

4. Stellation Media:

Another one of Instagram bot providing services, Stellation Media also boasts an organic approach for increasing your traffic and engagements.

And where it would usually take a lot of time and effort to build your brand on Instagram, Stellation Media comes in to save the day and help you attain that goal of success in a limited amount of time. Utilizing hashtags and location displayers, Stellation Media provides with you the necessary steps you will need to grow your channel. Especially since it lets you work with a board of people directly to discuss the necessary steps forward.

5. GrowthSilo:

An easy-to-use interface and organic increase in traffic, Growthsilo certainly provides for users that wish to increase their follower list on Instagram. It’s quite simple but still extremely effective in its working. Along with giving its users a steady increase in engagements, it also manages your account for you.

Growthsilo helps you target your relevant audience, i.e. people who are interested in your content type. Helping you realize what your demographic is right down to the last detailed information on their likes and dislikes.

Definitely something to check out.

6. Seek Socially:

One of the more expensive Instagram growth services out there, complete with premium packages that allow for more utilization of resources that your average Instagram bot wouldn’t provide, Seek Socially has helped a lot of people find success on their social platform.

Since times have changed and there are lots of competitions out there, not to mention so many rules and restrictions that are placed upon social networking platforms that make it extremely difficult to increase your follower count, growth service platforms such as Seek Socially have become extremely prevalent.

The organic growth in social engagements on Instagram that is guaranteed by Seek Socially actually have a chance of working for you.

7. Nitreo:

Being in the Instagram growth services business for a while, Nitreo definitely knows what they are doing when they say that they can guarantee the safety of your content while also increasing traffic on your channel in a completely organic and natural way.

And while you won’t get the opportunity to back out with your money if you don’t like the services provided to you, but since Nitreo is a veteran company, you might not need to back out of a deal with them.

8. Kenji:

Some consider Kenji as one of the best Instagram bots provider out there. Powered by a strong AI, Kenji relies on an extremely efficient algorithm that is guaranteed to increase followers on your account. It also provides a free package for its users from which you can back out any time you want.

And if that doesn’t hook you in, then the easy user interface Kenji provides most certainly will. The free three-day trial is definitely for people who are too hesitant to go all-in but be unalarmed as you won’t have to provide a credit card info for using the free trial.

9. Inflact:

Not feeling up to the task of managing your Instagram account? Wanting to automate simple menial tasks such as, attending to your DMs (Direct Messages), engage with your followers, etc.? Well, Inflact is the bot assistant for you.

The features included on Inflact range from scheduling posts and DMs for you, to providing you with tools that can help you in managing your outlook and page engagements.

The same three-day free trial period is provided to its users, after which you will need to activate a premium package to use its services.

10. Jarvee:

Jarvee allows you to have a lot of control over its general working to the point of manual operating of its services. Its application is made available on any digital device of your choosing and it provides you with a user friendly interface, great for easing your Instagram account management issues.

There is only the little problem of understanding your way around Jarvee’s dashboard. As a simple layman could do to learn how to navigate Jarvee’s dash before actually working on it.

The great thing about Jarvee is its free five-day trial period that it gives to its users.

11. Ektora:

Ektora puts safety of their client over convenience. And that is something that isn’t done a lot in this environment. In order to make sure that your account isn’t considered problematic and therefore deactivated by the higher powers that be, Ektora provides softwares that are undetectable by Instagram, making your anonymity key.

Compatible with both Mac and Windows, Ektora uses modern features like hashtag and username detection to find the best fits for increasing your social media interactions and engagements.

12. Instagooo:

Instagooo comes in handy as it provides its users an upfront estimate of what they will accomplish by the end of the month by utilizing Instagooo’s services. And this little trick proves to be useful for people who like total visibility for their work.

They also give their users a five-day trial period. Their setup is easy and efficient so you won’t have to tackle a landmine of issues when working on Instagooo.

13. Social Sensei:

All for giving their users just who exactly are their target audience, and providing means to interact with them. All of this is accomplished by Social Sensei, who pride themselves on their authenticity and strive towards creating a good environment for both content creators and purveyors of said content. Because as they say, engagement is key.

And with the five-day trial period, which is completely free, Social Sensei really gives you a chance to work with them and understand just how they work and how they can help you engage with you ever increasing followers.

14. SocialCaptain:

SocialCaptain is definitely one of those Instagram bots that know what they are doing. They guarantee that they will grow your Instagram follower count and they deliver on that promise.

Providing its users with a personalized account manager, SocialCaptain handles all possible trappings of Instagram that you won’t have the time to work through. SocialCaptain definitely makes working with them a personal experience as they genuinely care about they can help you and make sure that the right people come to see your content.

And seeing as they know how to work the Instagram algorithm, SocialCaptain is definitely someone you need in your corner.

15. Mahergram:

If you want to really work for the best of the best to create a good follower count for your account? Then Mahergram is the Instagram bot tool for you. Providing you with the means to really start your own brand or business and showcase your abilities in the best light possible.

The Instagram basics of posting, commenting, liking, following, etc., are accomplished by Mahergram automatically, so you wouldn’t have to raise a single finger to do any of those menial tasks.

You can also manage more than one account on Mahergram.

Which Instagram Bot Should You Choose:

Your main purpose in using an Instagram bot tool is because you want to increase traffic on your account. You want more followers, and you want them as fast as possible. Simple management tasks for your account are too much for you to handle on top of managing your business or brand that you wish to market on Instagram.

All of these factors are real concerns that you have, and considering the restrictions placed on all social media platforms, it is becoming increasingly difficult to promote your channel to the right demographic. So in those cases, a little extra help is required. The Instagram growth tools such as bots, are made just for you.

So when it comes time to choose which one should you go for, notice your needs and then balance them out with which online platform gives its users the most organic growth enhancements and how other peoples’ experiences come into play with them.

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Looking for Hyper Growth on Your Instagram?

Likegrowers is AI Powered Instagram auto liker that generates organic attention to your Instagram by fulfilling your liking strategy.

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