Instagram Marketing Tips for beginners

Posted on May 29, 2019
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Do you know your Instagram history? The platform first appeared in 2010. Mike Krieger, one of the founders, posted the very first image on July 16th, sporting an artsy vibe and a heavy filter. Since then, the app took off. At first, it was full of selfies and food photos. Looking at it today, Instagram grew into one of the most powerful social media sites.

Have you scrolled through your feed today? If you’re like most people, you did it first thing in the morning. Somewhere along the way, you noticed influencers promoting brands like there’s no tomorrow. They showcase their favorite products through posts, stories, and Instagram live sessions.

Today, Instagram is a marketing platform. It still maintains its social media purpose. People go there to connect and share. The combination of the marketing potential with the social element is what turns Instagram into a conversion-generating tool for any brand.

You’d like to use it for your business? Start by learning the basics of Instagram marketing with the following Instagram marketing tips.

Instagram Marketing Tips for Beginners

1. Visual Content Is Essential

Let’s take a look at a successful profile with over 700K followers: @symmetrybreakfast. Take a look through the feed. What’s your impression? Perfection, creativity, uniqueness, and uniformity.

instagram marketing tips

There are a few things we can learn from this example:

  • High-quality photos are a must. If you start a business profile and you don’t have the needed equipment, it’s best to hire a photographer.
  • You need a theme. In the case of Symmetry Breakfast, this is extreme. Each photo follows the same theme. You don’t have to go to that extent. Still, you need a uniform vibe, which will make the photos recognizable.
  • Each photo needs an adequate description. Let’s get to that point.

2. Instagram Marketing Is Content Marketing

In its essence, Instagram is all about the content. Sure; visual content takes priority here. We first notice the images, videos and stories. But textual content doesn’t lag behind. Take a look at this post by MIT Student Life:

instagram marketing tips

The university is just like any other organization; it needs to attract its audience via social media. But that’s not being done solely through pictures. The words matter. The message matters.

If you’re hiring EduBirdie or another writing service for SEO, you might need to rely on them for Instagram captions as well. Paper Writing Pro is another great platform that connects you with professional writers.

You’ll develop a content strategy together with your writers, and you’ll keep it consistent. You’ll share the brand’s message. Each post will engage the audience only if it triggers them to comment. Never underestimate the power of written content, that’s why we had to include it in this Instagram marketing tips.

3. Engage Influencers

This is the best tip you’ll ever get: an influencer will get more exposure for your brand when compared to a simple business profile on Instagram.

We have an example to prove that. Liquido Active, a brand for yoga clothes, has 135K followers on Instagram. But it reaches a much larger audience thanks to the influencers who represent this brand. Kino MacGregor has 1.1 million followers, and she’s only one of the several brand ambassadors.

instagram marketing tips

The best part about connecting with influencers? They do the marketing for you. You won’t go to a writer every day asking “Can you do my assignment today, too?” The influencer will take part of the content marketing off your shoulders.

4. Invest in Instagram Ads

It didn’t take long for the Instagram founders to notice the marketing potential of their platform. Of course they offer advertising opportunities for businesses.

Your ads can hijack the Stories. Over 500 million accounts share stories on a daily basis. People love watching stories. They don’t limit themselves to one. They binge-watch! In the middle of such a session, your own story may appear as an ad. Instagram is great at targeting the right people, so you get great chances to reach conversions through this ad.

Photo and video ads are an option, too. These appear as usual posts, as the users scroll down their feeds.

Let’s not forget carousel ads and collection ads, which showcase multiple products within a single ad.

5. Compete!

Who are your greatest competitors? Find them on Instagram. Take your time to analyze their activity on the platform. Do they engage influencers? Do they organize contests and giveaways? What’s the vibe of their content?

You won’t copy them. Your marketing campaign has to be original.

However, you can get inspired by the content they post and do something better. If you notice they engaged some of the most popular influencers in the category, try to get those people on your side. You may make a better offer, so they will start promoting your brand once their contract with a competitor ends.

If the throw giveaways, you’ll think of a more creative idea to do the same, and you’ll offer better prices.

You can also follow some of their most active followers. Instagram etiquette says they will follow back.

6. Don’t Neglect the Stories

In January 2019, Instagram reported that the Stories had 500 million active users on a daily basis. That is huge.

People love watching stories because they are less edited, more genuine, and more fun than photos and videos. They feel like they can really share and connect through this feature.

Brands can benefit from it, too. Instagram stories give you a great opportunity to showcase new products, throw giveaways, or give a sneak peek into the production process. You can connect with your followers on a more personal level if a brand representative shows up in the stories to share moments of their daily work.

7. Stay Consistent

If you see the most prominent Instagram profiles, you’ll notice huge levels of activity. They are influential in the community because they have something to share, almost every day.

You’ll be promoting a brand, so you don’t have to be that consistent. But few posts per week are still necessary. They should all be carefully planned as part of your marketing campaign.

Don’t forget to engage your audience and respond to the comments. Instagram is not just about sharing. It’s mostly about connecting.

8. Use an Instagram auto liker ***Bonus***

Last but not least, you can consider using a so-called Instagram auto liker. Likegrowers is a good example of this. This is a tool that can help you approach the right target group and achieve organic growth. It is especially interesting for companies and influencers.

instagram marketing tips

Are You Ready to Impress the Instagram Community?

Those were 8 Instagram marketing tips you can use on a platform which has great potential for creative campaigns. If you think of something really special, you’ll reach success. Don’t hold back and invest in great content and connections with influencers. When you do things right, those investments will yield results.

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