5 Instagram Secrets Nobody Shares


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Instagram is the fastest-growing social media that already gathers more than a billion users all over the world. People enjoy photos and videos more than any other type of digital content, which is why the platform keeps expanding steadily over the last few years.

In such circumstances, it’s hard to find a user who doesn’t have a fair share of Instagram-related knowledge. However, while everybody seems to know the basic tricks, there are still some features that remain hidden for the vast majority of accounts.

This is particularly important if you are administering a brand account, so you better make sure to figure out the unknown gems of Instagram marketing. In this article, we will show you 5 Instagram secrets nobody ever shares. Let’s take a look!

5 Little Known Ways to Make a Better Instagram Account

Before we present you the most important hidden hacks on Instagram, we want to explain what makes them so important. Using these tactics, you can gain a few practical benefits:

Raise awareness: Instagram is already helping you to raise brand awareness, but our hacks will make the process even more productive.
Grow the follower count: Additional exposure will earn you new followers.
Drive engagement: It will also help you to engage the audience and build long-term relationships.
Generate leads: Lead generation is another very important benefit of using hidden Instagram tricks. It will make your business more efficient and drive revenue.

Now that you’ve seen the advantages of lesser-known Instagram tactics, it is time to describe the 5 hacks we mentioned above to become Instagram famous Here they are:

1. Content scheduling

As a social media administrator, you must’ve learned that consistency is the major challenge in content creation. It’s very difficult to keep coming up with high-quality posts week after week, so you need to plan well in advance to maintain consistency.

This is where content scheduling steps in to help you. Using apps such as Later or Hootsuite, you can automate most of the work and set the perfect timing for each post. And we are not talking about the dates only since you can also determine the best time of the day to publish new content.

This trick will save you a lot of time and effort, thus allowing you to concentrate on other activities like user interaction and relationship building.

2. Create a beautiful grid layout

Instagram content should be uniformed when it comes to colors, filters, hues, and shades. That way, the entire account looks more attractive and professional. However, this is not a novelty and you should go beyond this simple tactic. What we propose is creating a beautiful and logical grid layout. Here are some suggestions:

– The diagonal grid: You can play with colors to form a diagonal pattern that makes the grid look more interesting and inspirational.
Instagram secrets
– The rainbow layout: Another option is to divide images in the rainbow format where each row has its own dominant color scheme.
Instagram secrets
– The puzzle grid: This type of layout demands some extra planning, but the result is always very attractive and amusing.
Instagram secrets

3. Control the comment section

Although user engagement is one of the basic goals of Instagram marketing, sometimes you have to moderate comments to avoid unwanted or inappropriate commentaries. There are a few ways to handle such statements.

First of all, you can find specific keywords within comments. Just go to Options → Comments to choose “Hide Inappropriate Comments”. In this section, you can type in unwanted keywords that you don’t want to go public. Secondly, you can delete user messages manually by entering the speech bubble symbol underneath the comment. Swoosh left over the text and click the garbage icon to remove the comment.

Instagram doesn’t allow you to disable comments for the entire profile, but you can do it for individual posts in case you consider the post to be too controversial. You can do it by posting an image and then going to Advanced Settings → Turn Off Commenting.

4. Use relevant hashtags only

Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags per post, but we strongly encourage you to keep that number minimal and use only a few most relevant hashtags. That way, your posts will look more natural, avoiding that annoying spammy look.

This also means your hashtags must be highly relevant and effective. Try to keep them as brief and concise as possible, and don’t use strange letter combinations no one can understand. Besides that, you can try out the following solutions:

– Emotions: Play with favorite emotions such as #love or #passion to make posts more effective.
– Trends: Follow the trends to gain additional exposure. For instance, use a hashtag #nbafinals during the NBA championship match.
– Location: Add a location to drive engagement from the neighboring users.

5. See what your friends like or discuss

Sometimes it’s good to know what your followers like or comment on because it gives you fresh content creations ideas. Instagram gives you an overview of user activities, so you can see what your friends do on this platform.

To do that, you should click the heart icon that appears at the homepage display. There, you will see who liked and commented on your photos. But there is also the “Following” section where you can see what your followers liked besides your own content.


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks that give you the opportunity to approach the global audience very simply. However, it’s not easy to get your foot in the door with so many competitors around you and you need to use the state of the art tactics to distinguish your account from the crowd.

In this post, we showed you 5 Instagram secrets nobody ever shares. These tricks can help you to upgrade your Instagram activities, so don’t waste the opportunity to make your profile better and more attractive.


Jennifer Sanders is a professional journalist at essaygeeks.co.uk. She enjoys reading the books, travelling, and writing about technologies, education and motivation. You can follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

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