10 tips to be a great Instagram Marketer in 2018

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There was a time when Facebook was famous, then Instagram got famous and Facebook is quickly becoming an old forgotten dream. Instagram grew to its fame by its one differentiating factor, it provides quality content which is consolidated in tiny snippets of images which make it all the more consumable and a time saver.

Instagram marketing can seem like a daunting task but it can be achieved with a few simple steps and get you more likes and views and create an awareness of your brand at a very large scale. 800 million users are currently active on Instagram on a monthly basis. Imagine the reach! To explore the more and find out all the things by visiting at https://essayshark.com/.

Here are tips for you to increase your skills to become a better Instagram marketer –

  • Create a business account – If you want to market your product better, create a business account on Instagram. You can also change your current personal account to a business account without any trouble. Just click on your ‘account settings’ and click on ‘switch to a business profile’ and your account will become a business account. The perks of this are that your account will have free perks which come with a business account like your followers can contact you directly just as they would from your website, you can publish your own Instagram advertisements, and you can use tools like Insights which is an Instagram analytics tool which can help you track your user preferences, etc.
  • Post subtle promotional content –Generally people like to buy things which are marketed to them in a creative manner without the in-your-face advertisements which ask the users to buy the product ASAP. You can market your product in an out-of-the-box way where the users aren’t hounded by your advertisements but it piques their interest. When you only inform the users about the product, tease them with it if you may, the users will themselves want to buy your product.
  • Sponsored advertisements –You can create your own sponsored ads and define a target audience! You can even set a budget for your campaign and choose how many times your advertisements will run. You can even choose to show multiple ads by choosing the carousel feature which is readily available in your account. But, be careful with such ads, craft the content in such a way that the content is engaging and interesting to capture the attention of a user. You can create photos, videos, stories and even stories canvas.
  • Affiliate marketing –Keep researching on Instagram for Instagram influencers which target the same kind of audience and have a similar content base as your business. If you partner with such influencers, your own business will build up on their followers and their followers will also be aware of your brand due to the said partnership. Let them review your products on their page and fi they like it request them for a shout-out. Even if your business has just a few thousands of followers, you can still get exposure to an affiliate’s thousands and thousands of followers, it becomes easier if your product is of interest to them.
  • Collect your users’ photographs –Create a collection of your users photos which showcase your product. People like recommendations and reviews for a product that they are looking to buyin order to know more about them. Go one step ahead and thank them for using your products on your page to create brand loyalty and add that personal touch on your business’ social media page.
  • Set your timing right – Instagram posting can get a little tricky as over-posting will just create a bad brand rapport with the existing users. But then, if you don’t regularly post, your followers may forget all about your brand due to high competition. The bet strategy would be to post on a regular basis but at peak times when most of your target audience is generally online to receive your content fully.

Instagram marketing can be a fun way to market your business and due to its vast level of reach it will surely get your business the exposure it needs, all you have to do is do it right!

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